How to exchange money for crypto with a payment card?

How to exchange money for crypto with a payment card?

The popularity of cryptocurrency is gaining momentum, so users are more oftenly looking for crypto exchanges with low fees. However, the process of buying crypto has not always been as transparent as it needs to be. 

First, you have to choose an exchange, transfer any fiat amount to an account there, and only then you can exchange it for any cryptocurrency assets. On this journey, you often have to pay additional fees at each step, or these fees can be hidden in the exchange rate.

Not only do you have to pay fees at each step, but there is also the potential risk that the process of buying crypto through an exchange could be labelled for the AML check and your bank account could be blocked due to the exchange transaction itself.

The same potential risk you may have if you want to convert crypto to money.

As an alternative, you can always visit an offline exchange office and convert your cash into crypto, but it doesn't suit everyone's needs. But it may not be legal in all countries and commissions for such operations can be unimaginably high.

For those standing aside crypto, cashing out their crypto for fiat money can be difficult to understand. Until recently, services which handle each step of this process – so-called “all in one” services – had not been available.

One such service is Blackatcard, which provides a convenient way to convert money to crypto. With Blackcatcard, users can exchange their fiat to crypto as easily as making any other online and offline transaction using a card, as well as ATM withdrawals.

This consists of four simple steps:

  1. Top up the fiat account in the app with Euros;
  2. Exchange fiat to crypto with one click;
  3. An equivalent in crypto is credited quickly to the crypto account.

Isn't it the easiest and fastest way to buy crypto?

In addition, Blackcatcard users can access the competitive cost of cryptocurrencies.

And since crypto transactions are carried out in the same application as banking transactions, they are fully secured at the bank-level. 

A custodial wallet avoids the risks of loss of access and loss of access to the wallet.

As noted on the website of the online banking service, the integrated custodial wallet and crypto service are provided by Blackcatcard partner, DigiNORD OÜ.

Published: 03/07/2023
How to exchange money for crypto with a payment card?
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